Player Code of Conduct

Purpose of the Code of Conduct

Deaf Golf Victoria (DGV)’s Golf Player Code of Conduct defines the standards of behaviour that are expected from deaf/hard of hearing and hearing golf players both male and female representing DGV both on and off the golf course in social, local, state and national events. All golf players participated the social events, selected to represent, or are seen to be representing DGV in junior and senior squads and teams, are expected to adhere to this Code of Conduct to ensure respect to the game of golf, DGV and the performances of all golf players including team members and competitors.

DGV’s Player Code of Conduct has been developed in line with Golf Australia’s
National Code of Conduct and in consultation with the Sport Recreation Victoria
and Deaf Sports Recreation Victoria Inc. (DSRV).

All golf players, who participate at social events or are selected to represent DGV in squads and teams, are also expected to adhere to DGV’s Golf Player Agreement.

Deaf Golf Victoria Values

DGV strives to make golf the sport of choice for deaf/hard of hearing and hearing
participants, both females and males, of all ages. At DGV we value:

  •  Respect and acknowledgement
    We earn respect when we respect others
  • Integrity
    We uphold our responsibilities and obligations
  • Excellence
    We always strive for improvement
  • Mutual achievement
    We succeed when we work together It is expected that these values be upheld by all individuals representing DGV.

It is expected that these values be uphelp by all individuals representing DGV.

DGV Player Code of Conduct

a) Personal
As a representative of DGV, players, officials and committees agree:

1) Respect is shown towards other players, officials, committees and the club.

2) Inclusion of all participants regardless of their age, gender or sexual orientation.

3) Inclusion of all participants regardless of their race, culture or religion.

4) Inclusion of all participants regardless of their communication modes or the level of their hearing loss.

5) Opportunities for participants of all abilities to participate in the golf and
develop to their full potential.

6) Demonstrate a high degree of individual responsibility especially when dealing with any person, including using appropriate words/signing and actions.

7) Avoid unaccompanied and unobserved activities with any person, wherever possible.

8) A safe and inclusive environment for all.

9) Elimination of violent and abusive behavior.

10) Protection from sexual harassment or intimidation.

11) Show concern and caution towards others who may be ill or injured.

12) Be a positive role model.

13) To know the rules and understand the consequences if rules are breached by a golfer or
other golfers on the course.

Deaf Golf Victoria was set up to cater to Deaf and hard of hearing golfers. DGV may accept hearing golfers to play in social events only. That is, hearing golfers can’t play in the Deaf state, national and international competitions. However, they can be included in other ways in DGV Club /state team such as an official or committee member.

b) Golf Games – Social and Competition events

As a representative of DGV, players agree:

1) To participate in the required number of State selection and ranking events as reasonably determined by DGV to be eligible for team selection;

2) To  attend all squad practice and training sessions and official functions as invited on dates reasonably determined by DGV to be eligible for team selection;

3) To complete all forms as requested by DGV;

4) To comply with all lawful and reasonable directions of DGV during training sessions and events;

5) To accept the DGV State Selection Policy and associated criteria and agree that decisions made by selectors are final;

6) To refrain from the use of mobile phones, including texting, during functionswhere the player is
representing DGV;

7) To wear:
a) appropriate attire requested by event organisers and/or DGV at functions where the player is representing DGV; and

b) clothing, uniform and playing apparel as reasonably required by DGV at state training sessions and DGV sponsored events. The player will refrain from adjusting, tampering or altering such apparel, with exception to standard tailoring;

8) To pay excess charges and any other expenses incurred in relation to travel to or attendance at events, outside those expenses formally arranged by DGV;

9) To follow organised travel arrangements to, from and during any event or training session, unless any alternative arrangements have been agreed to by DGV’s Golf Official, and written permission is received by a parent/guardian if the player is under 18 years of age;

10) To adhere to Golf Australia’s Code of Conduct and Disciplinary Procedures for events conducted or sanctioned by the National body;

11) To notify DGV’s officials or committees of any injuries, illnesses or conditions. In extreme circumstances, DGV has the right to replace the injured or ill player in the respective squad or team;

12) To provide their own golf equipment at events and training sessions;

13) To be responsible during state training sessions and events for personal safety, safety of fellow players and personal well-being, belongings, golf equipment and meals not provided by DGV;

14) Not to enter into any direct or indirect bet, wager or gamble or accept any gift or bribe of any form to influence the performance of the player;

15) Not to bring the good name of DGV or Golf Australia into disrepute;

16) Not to offer any public statement that is derogatory or critical of DGV, Deaf Golf Australia (DGA), a golf club, another State Association or Golf Australia;

17) To abide by the Doping Policy of Golf Australia and agree that the
possession or consumption of illicit drugs, orcontraband items is prohibited;

18) Torefrain from consuming tobacco products during DGV training sessions or DGV sponsored events and take a responsible approach to the consumption of alcohol. If under the age of 18, the player will recognise such consumption as unlawful;

19) ForDGV to use or authorise the use of any photographs, video or images of the player for commercial or promotional purposes;

20) To authorise DGV to obtain emergency medical treatment in the instance of an accident or illness sustained during state training sessions and interstate golf competitions, and agrees not to make any claims of any kind against DGV arising from such treatment;

21) ThatDGV may remove a player from any event or training session without being required to provide any reason.

22) To refrain from throwing things deliberately or in anger breaks golf equipment (including golf balls) during a competition.

23) To refrain from the use of radio (of any kind) recorder or mobile telephone during the course of play in a competition or allows the player’s caddie to do so.

Note: Whilst this Code of Conduct aims to address all circumstances which may arise during the delivery of DGV’s golf program, DGV will manage other situations as they may arise on a case by case basis.

Desired Behaviours of DGV’s Representatives – Players and

DGV players and team members will observe the highest standards of sportsmanship at all times.

DGV expects players to:

1) Perform to the best of their ability at all times;

2) Attend golf training sessions and team meetings on time;

3) Be honest in their attitude and preparation to training for themselves and for their team;

4) Cooperate with DGV’s other players and committee members;

5) Do everything reasonably necessary to maintain fitness to play golf to the best of their ability;

6) Play within the competition rules and regulations and those set down by the R&A Rules of Golf and Rules of Amateur Status;

7) Be gracious in victory and defeat;

8) Abide by the decisions of the match committee or referee;

9) Shake hands at the completion of all matches and rounds of golf;

10) Respect all participants, team members, opponents, referees, spectators and

11) Refrain from poor sportsmanship, conduct, language and behaviour

Breaches of the Code

Penalties will be issued once the breach has been confirmed through an
appropriate assessment process by DGV Executive Committee.

The following behaviours are thought as breaches of the Code:

1) Violent or abusivebehaviour towards another participant, player, committee or any other person.

2) Publicly show bad treatment of any kind towards another participants, players or committees.

3) Discrimination against another participant, player, committee or any other person based on their age, gender or sexual orientation.

4) Discrimination against another participant, player, committee or any other person based on their race, culture, religion or any other irrelevant personal characteristic.

5) Sexual harassment or intimidation of another participant, player, committee or any other person.

6) Victimisation of participant, player, committee or any other person for exercising their rights through the Code of Conduct.

7) Failure to maintain a safe environment.

A participant, player, committee or any other person representing DGV who breaches this code may be subject to one or more of the following sanctions, depending on the seriousness of the breach:

1) Disqualification or removal of result/prizes

2) A Fine

3) Removal of duties or responsibilities

4) Formal censure

5) Termination or Suspension of membership (In accordance with Suspension claim in the Constitution) and/or

6) Civil action and/or

7) If the breach is very serious, then it will be reported to the police, or any other appropriate authority.

For more information about Golf Australia’s
Code of Conduct and Doping Policy (Drugs), check these websites: and